Special needs applicants:

A young client who suffered from cerebral palsy, autism and illiteracy, passed his oral learner’s licence on his first attempt after taking a weekly class once a week for a year.

He was also taught to read at Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in both English and Afrikaans. In fact, he became so excited that he stayed up all night to read right through the manual near the end of his lessons and to do all the tests!

He later passed his driving licence in an automatic vehicle.

He is reportedly driving and independently carrying out his career choice.

This was a very happy situation, which provided him with his independence, while driving safely too.


Online training is currently being provided for a special needs school for their pupils in the upper functioning level, to achieve their learner’s licences orally. Exciting special Power Point training programmes have been designed with illiterate students in mind.

Illiteracy should not mean people cannot become well-trained drivers, able to support themselves and their future families by doing an excellent job!

Lessons are fun and are being offered for an hour a day. Homework is sent to the school, and students are partaking with great enthusiasm.