Dyslexic clients may also have trouble with reading comprehension, spelling and writing.

Obviously, not being able to read, and in some cases write, makes it so much more difficult to pass a learner’s licence test, and a driving licence test, or any other tests or exams. It can be very difficult to pass school too.

Moses Mogaswa was an applicant who was declared dyslexic.

After numerous attempts to pass the computerised test, and running out of time each time, Moses was finally granted an oral learner’s licence test, which he passed with flying colours!

Since passing, he has found driving to be really easy and has impressed me with his competence.

Mr. Dylan Dellow was classified at school as dyslexic.

He and his mother have given permission to share his story, to encourage other dyslexic people who also need to learn to drive.

Mr. Dellow passed his learner’s licence test on 12th April 2017 after taking a weekly class from January 2016 to mid April 2017, at his own home. Private one-on-one training meant he did not have to be embarrassed in front of other clients learning at the same time. Mr. Dellow learnt at his own pace. There were many gaps in his education which had to be filled before he could even begin to understand the work.

There were times when it must have seemed daunting, but his very supportive mother, Mrs. Brenda Dellow, was an absolute angel consistently believing in her son and encouraging him all the way. Mr. Dellow passed on his third attempt.

No-one was more surprised than he was, since he had NEVER passed a single exam in his life. In fact, he was so delighted, he could not stop giggling afterwards.

There was a new sense of self-respect and dignity we had not seen before, and it was high time. Too many years of feeling stupid. Too many insults. Too many people taking advantage of his good nature. Enough!

This wonderful young man deserves his success! He worked very hard for it. What a wonderful feeling to know that this has made all the difference in his life. With a driving licence, obtaining employment and becoming independently self-sufficient became possible. The very next day Mr. Dellow began his driving lessons and made incredibly quick progress in a very short space of time, proving his competency.

A very excited phone call to share the good news!
Mr. Dellow was no sooner home than he and his mother went to try driving in her car.

While dyslexia is very challenging, it need not be a cause of despair.