You too can become independent!

Choosing the right driving school can be challenging. 

Which driving school should I go to? The cheapest or the best? Who can I trust?

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd. integrity is vital.

  • Quality of training is absolutely vital.
  • Honesty is vital.
  • Reliability is vital.
  • Your satisfaction is vital.

If you would you LOVE to attend this driving school, learning advanced driver training while passing your driving licence, is possible for you too. Don’t settle for less. Cheap and nasty is a reality.

You might lose a lot of money.

Even worse, you might die if not correctly trained.


Clients frequently ask, “Why wasn’t I taught that by my previous driving school?”

Professional Driving Academy ticks all the boxes:

  • At Professional Driving Academy your safety is a priority.
  • Giving each client the correct guidance and support is a privilege.
  • Treating each other with mutual respect and consideration is essential.
  • Clear, easy to understand instruction will soon have you driving like an expert.

  • People are not machines. If one section of work takes longer, then another one might be quicker. Be flexible.
  • Practise, if possible to keep lessons to a minimum.


Lesson Plans:

  • At Professional Driving Academy a comprehensive lesson plan is followed, to help you to achieve your personal best standard quickly and painlessly.


Money Matters:

  • Transparency is absolutely essential.
  • Lockdown has hit most people pretty hard, so lesson plans can be adjusted to suit your pocket.
  • At the same time corners are not cut, compromising your safety.
  • You will receive a written quotation on request, with terms and conditions clearly laid out in advance.
  • Once you accept the quotation, a schedule is set up for your lessons, and invoice is issued for immediate payment.
  • Once payment has been received, you will receive proof of your deposit from the bank, together with a receipt.

You are paying for driver training, not for your instructor to socialise at the training ground, so you are entitled to your instructor’s undivided attention:

  • All safety precautions during this COVID-19 pandemic are taken for our mutual safety.
  • You are never passed from one instructor to another.
  • Training is private, one-on-one, by Pat Allen, who has a lifetime of advanced driver training behind her as a legally registered driving instructor to help and support you as you get started.
  • Lessons are calm, relaxed, non-judgmental, encouraging and fun!
  • You are not trained just to pass the K53 test at a low price as quickly as possible, (because that might come back to bite you), but to be safe on our roads for a lifetime, even in emergencies.
  • Lessons include tips for transporting your future family and friends safely.

At Professional Driving Academy, you come first:

  • You are not expected to pay anything in the unlikely event of a collision because the driving school vehicles is fully-comprehensively covered by insurance;
  • You are protected by airbags during driving lessons;
  • You are taught how to avoid head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, and side-on collisions.
  • There are dual control pedals on the passenger side of the driving school vehicle to enable the instructor to take control, where necessary, to prevent a crash, but never to interfere with your driving, or to make you believe you are doing fine when the instructor is actually sneakily driving from the left side;
  • There is sign-marking on the vehicle to warn other drivers that a driver may be under instruction.
  • You will be collected on each appointment from home, school or work and taken back too, but as soon as you are able to, you will be the one doing the driving there and back!
  • However, you will not be bullied to cope with traffic before you know what you are doing on the road. That is not fair to you or the public.
  • Are you a bit nervous to drive after being involved in a crash? Try a two-hour lesson at Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, and see if you feel more comfortable.
  • Feel free to send an email to for a fee quotation.
  • You will be driving quicker than you can believe.

Sick of asking for lifts? Imagine getting in your own car and going where you need to go!

Independent at last!


  • If you want that, now is the right time to make it happen provided you are 17 or older, and qualify to drive, and have a valid learner’s licence.
  • Don’t put it off forever!
  • Procrastination steals dreams…..
  • Call now on 082 683 9292 or email to ask for a quotation, or to arrange your driving lessons to suit your pocket and your personal circumstances.

Make the call to change your life – You won’t be sorry!