You too can become independent!


At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd. integrity is vital.

Quality of training is absolutely vital.

Honesty is vital.

Reliability is vital.

Your satisfaction is vital.

If you would you LOVE to attend this driving school, learning defensive driver training while passing your driving licence, is possible for you too.

Don’t settle for less.

If you would LOVE to join this driving school, but can’t really afford to pay in advance for a course, there is a way of paying across a few months to receive the quality only Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. provides.

Your safety is vitally important.

Just indicate on the application form that you want financing and it can be arranged at affordable repayments.
Phone or email using our contact form. 082 683 9292 or use our contact form for a written quote . Let’s start to change your future.
  • Remember, you will be collected from home, school or work and taken back too, and as soon as you are able to, you will be the one doing the driving there and back!
  • You will not be bullied to cope with traffic before you know what you are doing on the road.
  • Have you been involved in a crash? Thousands of pupils have become independent drivers after being trained at Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, in spite of having been in some very frightening situations before attending lessons.
  • Should you need any additional lessons, they will of course, be at the same discounted rate too. Terms and conditions apply.