Audi Q3 information:

Students are thrilled with the new driving school car.

Together with defensive driving lessons for all brand new drivers, they are feeling safe and confident.

Side-view of Audi Q3

Side-view of Audi Q3, with a luminous strip which help to prevent T-bone collisions at night.

Clearly branded for protection

Clearly branded for visibility with highly reflective material which lights up on night drives, and warns tailgaters to back off. It also protect students who might stall against rear-end collisions.


Front view of the Audi Q3


Dual controls are (unbelievably) no longer legally required for driving school vehicles, but it is very dangerous to train drivers without this safety feature.
The annexure to Regulation 250 has fallen away. So many driving schools no longer go to the expense of fitting dual controls, but it is essential for safety.

Microsoft Word – Regulation 250 Annexure re-typed (for legibility)

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. you have always had that assurance, regardless of whatever laws exist.

The Audi Q3 replaces the A-class Mercedes-Benz as from 3rd February 2017

The Audi Q3 replaces the A-class Mercedes-Benz as from 3rd February 2017.
Many satisfied clients enjoyed their training on this special vehicle.
We look forward to preparing thousands more in the future.