SABS Baby Safety Restraints Committee

It is a major concern that babies in South Africa are frequently thrown from moving vehicles and killed or maimed.

Baby safety restraints should never be placed in the front of a vehicle, because airbags will kill a baby or small child if they are placed in the front passenger seat.

Recommended position for babies and toddlers in a child safety restrain seat:

Babies and toddlers should be placed facing the back of the rear seat, behind the driver, for quick and easy removal, if necessary.

In that position, the hard rear of the baby safety restraint protects a baby’s neck in a crash and prevents the seat-belt buckle from injuring the baby’s internal organs.

Mirrors can be used to check that baby is fine while driving.

This position is recommended up to roughly 4 years of age.

Older children should sit in booster seats facing the front.

It is not recommended that children under 12  to 14 sit in the front seat, because their small shoulders can easily turn, allowing them to slip through the seat-belt.