16″ Pirelli tyres were immediately fitted, as always, at Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, because they are arguably the best for the simple reason that  your life is dependent on 4 small pieces of rubber as big as a man’s size 8 shoe!
See:   http://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Reviews/Pirelli
Exhaust and Tyre
This dedicated family-run business has taken care of all Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd.’s tyre requirements for many years, because they are the very best at what they do in Pretoria East.


See:   http://www.exhaust-tyre.co.za/
The new tyres were immediately inflated with nitrogen:

See benefits:  https://www.arrivealive.co.za/Nitrogen-in-Tyres-and-Road-Safety
Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has found the benefits of using nitrogen in passenger vehicles to be significant since roughly 2005.

Quick, safe puncture repairs can be carried out using Foam or Gel.

Never use plugs which can come out at high speed on freeways, causing the vehicle to possibly roll and even kill the occupants. In addition, they make a small puncture into a big split.