Services offered:

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. Specialized defensive driver training is offered to drivers of Code B vehicles in the following categories-

  1.  Learner’s licence training;

  2. (Including training for illiterate or dyslexic clients;)

  3. Driving Lessons for completely new beginner drivers; (especially nervous ones!)

  4.  Company Fleet drivers; – This will save your Company thousands in Insurance claims!

  5.  PrDP school bus drivers – as part of the many special services caring schools offer their pupils;

  6. Newcomers to our shores – adapt to South African driving standards safely;

  7.  Driving instructor workshops – to help you to prepare to become a registered instructor and train good drivers;

  8. Post-rehab clients to evaluate your driving after strokes, traumatic brain injuries etc. Working with your Occupational Therapists.