Services offered:

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. specialized driver training is offered to drivers of Code B vehicles in the following categories-

  1. Fully comprehensive online Learner’s Licence Training for all Codes, in English and in Afrikaans. Special needs clients are welcome including illiterate, dyslexic, autistic and hearing impaired and deaf students. If you would appreciate one-on-one personal assistance to study for your learner’s licence feel free to contact me on 082 683 9292. Online Lessons R250 for two hours.
  2. Free manuals also available for self-study here: 1 Rules of the Road Jun 2012 2 Manual on Road Traffic Signs Jun 2012 3 Vehicle Controls Manual Jun 2012
  3. Driving Lessons for completely new beginner drivers; (especially nervous ones!) Advanced driving techniques are always included right from the start! This is the minimum safety level for ALL drivers.
  4. Free manuals available here: 1. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 1 2. English Light Motor Vehicles Part 2
  5.  Company Fleet drivers; – This will save your Company thousands in Insurance claims!
  6. Visitors from other countries – adapt to South African driving standards safely;
  7.  Driving instructor workshops – to help you to prepare to become a registered legal driving instructor.
  8. Post-rehab clients to evaluate your driving after strokes, traumatic brain injuries etc. Working with your Occupational Therapists.