Past and current pupils:

Geluk Adriaan Van Der Schyff. So trots op jou! Veilig ry!
Jy het geslaag! Mooi Jalita Delport. Baie mooi! Veilig ry.
Veels geluk met jou lisensie Phillipa Fisher. Jy het baie goed gedoen!
Well done Akshay Mistry on passing your driving licence so well! Stay safe.


Congratulations to Lize De Jager on passing her driving licence first time!

Not all clients want their photos on the internet, so many are missing here, and their right to privacy is respected.

We stay in touch and ensure that they are safe after passing for many years into the future. This is a lifetime service once you have been trained at Professional Driving Academy, so previous pupils are more than welcome to ask questions, send testimonies, tell of any experiences they might have had etc. You are very important to me and always will be.

Daniel Dalport recently passed his driving licence first time. Well done Daniel! Keep driving so well. I am proud of you.

Reinhardt Pretorius is thrilled with his progress in just two weeks.

Congratulations to Dominique Barnard for passing her driving licence! Well done!


Letter of reference – Pat Allen

From: Anneli Fouche
Sent: Monday, 18 May 2020 12:35 PM
Subject: Reference


Pat was always professional, very helpful and friendly. Her instructions were specific, easy to understand and useful. I would recommend her services gladly! Anneli Fouché

From: Juané van Aardt
Sent: Monday, 18 May 2020 12:08 PM
To: Pat Allen <>
Subject: Re: Types of cars for driving schools


Thank you for helping me, there was no need for you to feel obliged but you still answered my questions.


Kind regards

Juané van Aardt

Congratulations to Dylan Ferreira for passing his driving licence. Keep driving safely Dylan!

Dylan Ferreira and his twin brother Justin both passed their driving licences through Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Facebook post:

I thank you for being an awesome instructor. I really enjoyed every moment I met you during my lessons. I understood driving better with a huge confidence Pat Allen

Overcoming trauma

Makayla Schoultz needed to pass her driving licence for work, but after surviving a terrible crash she was really too afraid to drive.

She has given permission for me to share her experience here to help others in a similar situation.

On her third lesson Makayla was fine driving in a main arterial road (Atterbury, Pretoria) in a very busy Saturday morning, with a supporting special person in her life with us.

But the first time she was taken on the freeway, copious tears flowed and we changed sides. But that was fine for one day.

Later, horrific nightmares, where her face was pressed into a tar road, and where she smelt smoke and burning rubber from the tyres, and experienced terrifying flashbacks, left her shaken and almost too scared to drive.

It took all her courage to continue. She needed gentle support.

Bravely she came back, shaking violently.

Impatient drivers behind her did not help, even when they could see she was in a branded vehicle driving slowly in the left lane and clearly petrified.

  • People I must ask you to kindly try to remember your own fears when new behind the wheel.
  • Add surviving serious injuries to that before you hoot and swear.
  • Impatience does not make it easy for someone so nervous. Where is your humanity? We do realise that it can be inconvenient at times, especially when you are in a hurry, but your kindness and patience can make all the difference.

Recently a person reversing fast from a driveway right in front of our car caused Makayla to jerk right to try to avoid it. Yes. She over-reacted. That does happen when someone is tense.

Unfortunately a car was alongside us at that moment.

Miraculously we somehow avoided a crash, but will probably have to apologise to our bruised guardian angels one day. (I suspect that I will be doing a LOT of that after 40 years in my profession!)

This amazing young woman has continued learning to drive when many would have given up.

A week before her test she drove from Pretoria to Krugersdorp on the freeway, and coped beautifully! What victory!

Sincere thanks to this exceptionally brave young woman for her determination and courage, as well as the loving support of all those who care about her, especially André.

Clients like you make me feel my life’s work has been worth doing.


Makayla passed her driving on her first attempt. Well done Makayla!

Marli Becker

Liefste tannie Pat Allen

Ek was ń matriek leerling aan die Hoërskool Overkruin in 2017 en soos almal weet is matriek ń jaar propvol verantwoordelikhede. En een daarvan was om my leerling lisensie en bestuurs lisensie te doen in tyd wat geen matriek met baie buitemuurse aktiwiteite soos ek gehad het nie.

Na baie navorsing het my ma ń verwysing gekry vir ProDrive Bestuurskool.

Behalwe dat hul pryse billik was moes ek paar afsprake op kort kennisgewing skuif en Tannie Pat was altyd te vinde om my te kon inpas – selfs na ure met soveel geduld en bemoediging.

Na my eindeiksamen was ons direk op vakasie en ek moes toe ñ bestuur lisensie afspraak maak in Ceres – Wes Kaap. (Hulle kon my die vinnigste help) Studeer tans in Stellenbosch.

En nadat ek eers gou ń les gedoen het voor ek my toets gery het het die bestuurskool my gekomplimenteer op wat ek okal geleer het by my vorige bestuurskool. Hy was so “impressed” met my bestuurs vernuf en opserwering.

Ek het geslaag met vleunde faandels. Nogmals dankie Tannie Allen vir al tannie se grappies, geduld en moeite. Elke les was so die moeite werd.


Groete Marli Becker


Three brothers all passed their driving licences through Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty). Ltd

From left to right: Tyla, Gavin and Jason Schoeman.

When Tyla took his test recently, his examiner said he had never seen anyone do the K53 test so perfectly in his 30 years as an examiner. What a lovely compliment!

It is even more wonderful to know that they are all still safe and very competent drivers, two of them years after passing. Well done guys! You are a credit to your parents and to your trainer.

Hannah Gauche passed her driving licence with an almost clean sheet. Excellent results! Well done Hannah!

Keegan Coetzee het sy bestuurslisensie geslaag!

Veels geluk Keegan!

Sincere congratulations to Reeuel Peters who passed his driving licence first time. He has two brothers who also passed through Professional Driving Academy before him. Well done to all of you for passing first time!
Kyle Clarke parallel parking with ease. What a pleasure!

Nicholas Victor proudly displays his brand-new temporary driving licence. Note his little sister peeping out from behind him. Well done Nicholas! This young pilot was such a pleasure to train. 

Kyle Clarke is thrilled to have passed his driving licence too! It is also such a great help to families when their teenagers become self-sufficient and responsible drivers.
Mieta was one of the first clients to enjoy the new Audi Q3.
Siebert Worst
Siebert Worst passed his driving licence. Sincere congratulations!
Nichol Victor parallel parking with ease in the Audi Q3
Nicholas Victor parallel parking with ease in the Audi Q3. What is far more important than passing the test, is years of safe, responsible driving.
Kyle Clarke parallel parking. Kyle enjoyed his lessons, passed with ease, and is an independent driver now. Well done Kyle!
Its easy!
Parallel parking – – Nicholas Victor
Alley docking in the new Audi Q3. No difficulties!
Nicholas Victor alley docking in the new Audi Q3 with no difficulties!

From a dad: “The service you provided was the best- it made Kathryn very confident and I think she is a very capable and safe driver because she was taught by you.” – Regards Kathryn’s dad. Thank you Kathryn’s dad! Your daughter was an absolute pleasure.