Corporate Defensive Driver Training

Advanced and defensive driving is the minimum level of safety for any driver!

  • For Corporate Driver Training for fleet drivers¬†to reduce corporate risks.
  • For school bus drivers, where children’s lives are at stake. All PrDP school bus drivers need defensive driver training before a tragedy occurs.
  • As a registered TETA accredited assessor and moderator, I am in a position to assist in a comprehensive way.
  • Power Point training programmes cover all aspects of the legislation to suit the needs of most companies and private individuals.
  • These are suitable for group classes for companies, schools, and any group of drivers wanting to upgrade their understanding of painted road markings, road signs, rules of the road ¬†and for individuals, and other specialized topics of interest.
  • Companies are reporting huge improvements in the standard of their drivers. Their clients feel much safer now, in the competent hands of a Professionally trained driver too.
  • This is an investment for any company, and tax-deductible too!

Please see the letter of recommendation from GP Retail Operations below: