Advanced Driver Training:

Advanced driving is the minimum level of safety for any driver!

For Individuals:

Since advanced driving standards are actually the minimum safety level for every driver, the best investment any driver can make is to take a short course of roughly 5 two-hour lessons. For a small investment, those who do find their driving style changed (for the better) for the rest of their lives.


  • Pre-employment driving evaluations may be covered under your Company’s Social Responsibility programme.

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Where driver training is required, Professional Driving Academy has a proven track record.

  • Is your Insurance Company unhappy with excessive claims, despite paying a fortune for cover each month?


  • Adjustments to your Fleet drivers’ attitudes through training at Professional Driving Academy of South Africa plays a huge part in changing previously low-standard, problematic drivers with a low sense of self-worth into drivers with a new self-respect, on a mission to impress you by becoming law-compliant, co-operative, by proving their capabilities, and becoming loyal staff-members dedicated to their careers at your Company, while reducing operational costs.


  • Companies are reporting huge improvements in the standard of their drivers. Their clients feel much safer now, in the competent hands of a Professionally trained driver too. This is an investment for any company, and tax-deductible too!


  • For Corporate Driver Training for fleet drivers contact


School Bus Driver Advanced Driver Training:

  • For school bus drivers, where children’s lives are at stake. All PrDP school bus drivers need advanced driver training before a tragedy occurs.

Reference from a school principal: (anonymous, for obvious reasons):

“We are so grateful for all the assistance, support and advice we have received during the course of Peter’s rehabilitation process.

Peter as driver for our school busses has received such excellent guidance, which has made him a better and safer driver. I so enjoyed meeting you and was proud that you were part of his journey of recovery.”

Power Point Fully-Comprehensive Training programmes:

  • Apart from practical in-car evaluations and training, theoretical Power Point training programmes covering all aspects of the legislation to suit the needs of most companies and private individuals, and anyone in the Transport Industry are available.


  • These programmes are suitable for group classes for companies, schools, and any group of drivers wanting to upgrade their understanding of painted road markings, road signs, rules of the road  and for individuals, and other specialized topics of interest.




  • As a registered TETA accredited assessor and moderator, Professional Driving Academy is in a position to assist you or your Company in a comprehensive way.