Learner’s Licence Training in the privacy of your own home or office

Shy? Nervous?

Don’t know what to expect? At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, I can help!

As a driving instructor since 1979, I am able to assist you in a way that is reassuring, safe and supportive. Once you are comfortable with me, we can continue lessons where you prepare for the awesome responsibility of driving a car safely, legally and competently, without me or any other person assisting you.

You too have the right to be independent!

At about the age when you may pass a learner’s licence, you will begin to notice that your family is getting tired of taking you all over the place. They start to resist going out in the middle of the night to collect you from whatever you are doing, and to complain that you expect them to be your chauffeur! You will possibly begin to feel bad about asking them for a lift.

This is a very normal stage in your development. Sort of like when parent birds give their babies a little push over the edge of the nest. They either start flapping their wings and learn to soar, or fall down and die.


Is it also your time to soar, by being an independent adult? Not sure? I will take care of you very carefully. I do not believe in putting you in the middle of busy traffic as a new driver.


Minimum age for a learner’s licence to drive a car:

You should be 17 years old or older when you write your learner’s licence test, if you want to drive a car.

Book online here: https://online.natis.gov.za/#/

I do not recommend starting with a truck when you really want to drive a car. It is a dangerous shortcut.

The Professional Driving Academy of South Africa is based in the East of Pretoria.

I come to you!I teach in Pretoria East, Central, North and Centurion. I allow 30 minutes travel time between appointments.

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, I come to you to prepare you for your learner’s licence test:

I am willing to make an appointment to visit you at your own home or place of work, to do a mock-test for the written test or alternatively, provide you with official links to study for the computerised test.

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, I can help you to make the appointment, if necessary:

I can collect you in the Audi Q3 you will be trained in and take you to book your learner’s licence test, if necessary.

You will need to take your identity book, and a photocopy, R108.00, 4 black and white passport photos.

At Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, as a service to you, my client, I can take you to write the learner’s licence test, and wait until you get your results, and take you back again:

Of course we celebrate your success when you pass with great pleasure! Here Justine Minnie and I celebrated with a Wimpy waffle and ice cream! It was the start of her intense course of driving lessons and we made friends right from the start. She passed her driving licence licence with excellent results. 

Justine Minnie and Pat Allen IMG-20130626-00810

Cost of booking a learner’s licence in Gauteng:

The cost of booking the appointment for a learner’s licence test for code B, also called code 2, is R108.00 in Gauteng.

Issuing fees?

Issuing fees are R60.00 after passing the learner’s licence test.

Period of Validity:

Your learner’s licence will be valid for  2 years.

Code offered?

At the Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, I train you for a light motor vehicle licence, which is code B (or code 2). There is a big difference though in the way I train you compared to many other driving instructors!

At the Professional Driving Academy of South Africa, I believe you should be taught to a very high standard!

As an advanced driver, and advanced instructor and ex-woman driver of the year, I am convinced that you should be taught only the highest standards of driving if you are going to stay safe on our roads for the rest of your life! Defensive driving is the very minimum any driver should be trained to.

Not only that, but your future family is completely dependent on the standard of driver training I teach you now. Your children and grandchildren, family and friends lives will be in your competent hands for the rest of your life when you drive them anywhere.

I am just not prepared to charge for a high standard of driving and produce a sub-standard driver.

At the Professional Driving Academy, expect strict, but fair training always!

Do not expect me to flatter you. Flattery in my book is akin to murder. If I tell you you are a wonderful driver when you are not, then I am misleading you. When you pay for expert professional training, you deserve to be told the truth. If you are not yet driving correctly, I promise to stay with you until you are safe and competent.


Unless we treat each other with mutual respect, there is no possibility of our working together. I do not put up with rude, disrespectful behaviour. Nor should you.

Code B – which I teach, allows you to drive a car and even tow a trailer up to 750 kg:

If you need to tow a caravan, horse-box or trailer of 1 Ton or more, you need to apply for an EB code of licence.

Click here for the EB code of K53 test.

8. Light Motor Vehicle Combinations EB Part 2

8. Light Motor Vehicle Combinations EB Part 2

The learner’s licence mock-test for the older HSRC written learners licence test:

At Professional Driving Academy I offer you an individual appointment to give you the opportunity to write a mock- test where you feel most comfortable and relaxed in your own home or office. I find this is conducive to good results, and we develop a rapport which will assist when we get to the practical driving lessons later.

We will need to sit at a large table in a quiet atmosphere, where you will not be disturbed, for a minimum of two hours. You will write a test for an hour and we will work on the results for an hour.

This mock-test is very helpful when you go to write the actual learner’s licence test, since it prepares you, by explaining what to expect when you go to write the actual learner’s licence test.

HRSC Training material used:

I use the officially approved HSRC (Human Science Research Council), training material which was written by Steve Venter.

This training material is very similar to the actual written tests, consisting of a “Knowledge test,” road signs map, sketch booklet and answer sheet. An eraser and pencil are provided. A time limit of one hour is permitted to write the test, after a few examples are done together to get you started.

This material is only sold to legal driving instructors.

This official training material is only available to legal driving instructors to buy, once they have produced a valid instructor’s certificate, signed before a Commissioner of Oaths.

At the end of writing the mock-test, the results are marked in front of you, explaining how it works. There are 30 questions about the “Rules of the Road”, 30 questions on “Road Signs”, and 8 questions on “Controls of the vehicle”. I find my pupils are much better prepared to write their learner’s licence test by taking this mock-test.

Also, any questions you did not answer correctly will be explained to you in such a way as to understand what you did wrong, why it was not correct and to guide you until you work out the correct answer.

Remember, you need to remember and apply the law all you life, not just to pass your learner’s licence test!

Please do NOT ask me to give you a mock-test before you have learnt the rules of the road, road signs and controls of the vehicle from any one of the commercially sold books.
The average cost per book is R70.00, which is affordable.


A code B licence will permit you to drive a light motor vehicle with a trailer not exceeding a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 750 kg.

This is the code of training I offer.

Please note, a code EB licence allows you to tow a caravan, horsebox or large trailer  exceeding 750 kg GVM. 

You must learn to drive with a person licenced to drive the same code of licence as you wish to pass:

(2)  (a)  The holder of a learner’s licence shall, except where such licence relates to a motor vehicle having no seating accommodation for a passenger or to a motor cycle, when driving the vehicle concerned, be accompanied in or on that vehicle by, and be under the direct personal supervision of a person seated next to him or her, or immediately behind him or her, where such person cannot be seated next to him or her, and who is in possession of a licence, other than a learner’s or similar licence, authorising him or her to drive that class of motor vehicle.

May you drive with passengers besides the one training you to drive? – Yes you may, but not for reward.

(c)  A learner’s licence shall not authorise the driving of a motor vehicle while carrying persons for reward, other than a person accompanying the holder of a learner’s licence in terms of paragraph (a).

Do you have to have an”L” on the back of your vehicle?

No. It is not legislated at this stage, but nothing stops you from using one. The bookshops usually stock them.