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Updated – How do I become a driving Instructor and some benefits of joining SAIDI

Driving Instructor Workshops

Since no formal training for driving instructors ever existed in South Africa, (and, in fact,still doesn’t right up to the present moment), despite the appalling road fatalities (generically offered by the RTMC as 14000 per year, but possibly more accurately offered as 22 000 by a very experienced paramedic as 22 000), SAIDI committee member, Riana Mongie, at that time, back in 2003, recommended that Pat Allen, (then Chairperson for SAIDI Gauteng), offer instructor training due to her advanced driving background and many years of experience in the driving instruction industry.

Pat was still thinking about it when she was phoned by someone travelling on the freeway with her at the time as a co-driver for a company. He was desperately asking for driving instructor training.  Pat answered with the Bluetooth.

Pat had written extensive training material and was ready to offer it to someone to see how effective her training would be.

That is how Patrick Magangxa attended the first K53 driving instructor workshops. He attended several different workshops with great enthusiasm.


He later qualified as a legal driving instructor and opened his own driving school.

Patrick’s advert 2005.02.03

He was extremely anxious to help all the illegal instructors to receive the same training and went to all the driving schools in Pretoria Central at that time, telling them about the wonderful training he has received and encouraging them to do the same.

Some of them did. We were amazed to discover young women offering driver training yet they themselves did not yet have driving licences!

The courses proved to be very well received by those who attended, particularly where unregistered driving schools had existed without instructor’s certificates, for many years.

At that time all the instructors of a particular driving school in Carletonville attended the workshops and we had a sometimes hilarious, memorable time together. They had a thriving driving school at that time offering driving instruction to the mine workers in Carletonville.

Apparently the many attendance certificates they received made a very good impression on their prospective clients and the standard of their training was raised considerably!

Later they reduced their truck driving training and focused more on light motor vehicle training.

Workshops were held in the Centurion Chambers which was offered free-of-charge at that time, as a Community Service project, which it most definitely was!

See a letter of thanks offered to the people who helped so much at the time by offering us a beautiful venue. Pat catered for the workshops with trays of lovely fresh sandwiches which were devoured first thing in the morning by those who had traveled from far to attend.


As an ice-breaker, Pat always cracked a joke, apologizing for being two things:

Firstly: A woman

Secondly: a white woman, and said she could do nothing about neither one of those qualities – she was born that way.

The men assured her that they greatly respected their mothers and had learnt so much from them, and that they loved and appreciated the training she was providing, but would love to see her in skirts more often instead of slacks!

It was very exciting to see what God was doing:

2005.02.21 Results of workshops.


Pat was informed that the training had encouraged and enabled some of those people to become legal instructors.

One man even actively encouraged others to do the same. His name is Titus Ncamphlala, see here with Pat.

Titus and Pat 2011.03.04


His letter expresses his appreciation of the K53 Workshops, as well as all the others:

Letter from Titus

Very small workshops have been offered for many years, although there is the potential for large workshops to accommodate big groups at a time, since they are written in Power Point format!

The content of the training was checked by the Chief trainer from Boekenhoutkloof Traffic Training College at the time.

There is daily interest from the public as to how to become a legal driving instructor or to open a driving school, which seems to many people like a good way to earn a living when people are without employment and desperate, for an income, in many cases.

Unfortunately, when they hear they must pay, even though payment is very reasonable to start a new career for a lifetime, most people are not interested or able to afford the training, so she sends them the following document as a guideline. The serious concern is that the standard of training they offer is “guy next-door style.”

Updated – How do I become a driving Instructor and benefits of joining SAIDI

For those who have taken the K53 Workshop for Driving Instructors, there have been many benefits! Read a few testimonies below as a small selection of those who have not only started a new career, but who have started to train many thousands of good drivers who can cope with the challenges of South Africa’s fast, impatient, lawless traffic flow. To God be the glory!

Marius Swanepoel  qualified in March 2014 as a legal driving instructor.

See his Facebook page Formula K-SA to see his wonderful start and exciting plans!

He is SAIDI’s new Public Relations Officer too!

Marius Swanepoel

Read his testimony here: K53 Workshop 

Another person who qualified as a legally registered driving instructor is Fabian Thumbran. He attended a K53 workshop too and has opened a new driving school in Centurion.


Melize Coetzee also opened her own lovely driving school and has proven her strengths as an excellent driving instructor in Moot Driving School, Pretoria. Her testimony is below:

Melize Coetzee



SAIDI is able to assist members with many benefits:


Certificate of attendance – Fabian Thumbran

From: Fabian

Sent: 13 January 2014 06:17 PM
To: ‘Pat Allen’
Subject: Driving School

Good afternoon Pat

Compliments for the New Year. Hope the year ahead is good & prosperous

Now that I have my certificate for my Driving School I just need assistance with a few things.

Do you know anyone that can help me to registrar my business and what will the cost be?



These new instructors are invited to become SAIDI members as we, together, accept the challenge of turning the road fatality statistics around in South Africa. We hope to attract assistance from the Government and the Private sector to be able to achieve our goals.