Here is a random selection of comments from pupils who have recently passed their licences or gained their independence through Professional Driving Academy of South Africa (Pty) Ltd. email addresses have been removed for obvious reasons.

A lovely comment on Twitter:

“by the way….. I was one of your students many moons ago and I am accident-free 26 years later….” 


A comment made by an ex-pupil on Linked-In:

… thank you again for all the wonderful driving and life lessons that I learnt from you during my driving lessons in 2010. I still cherish them to this day 🙂


Zeruja was a stunning student right from the start. She listened very carefully to everything I taught her and applied it perfectly. There were admittedly two lessons where she was not feeling or doing as well as usual, but that was not a train smash.  She was a bit upset about that but there are days when anyone does not feel 100%, but just before the test the nerves hit her very hard!

So she had a good sleep the afternoon before, woke up feeling much better then went on to have an almost clean sheet the next morning!

I loved teaching her! Every lesson was a pleasure. I saw progress every time, even on the bad days. Her attitude was always mature, co-operative, attentive, determined to get it right all the way and a happy, friendly pupil.

We individualized her course, practising going to work, parking there and other essential routes as well, to help her confidence for after she passed. See her emails below:

20141030 152- Zerula Badenhorst (1) smaller

From: Zeruja Badenhorst
Sent: 11 November 2014 07:24 AM
To: Pat Allen

Hi daar tannie Pat,

Ek weet nie hoe om genoeg dankie te sê vir al die hulp en ondersteuning nie. Ek was vreesbevange toe ek op my eerste bestuursles moes gaan en ook nog n paar keer daarna, maar dit het sommer vinnig verander want ek het n baie liefdevolle en geduldige mens langs my gehad wat ondersteuning gebied het van begin tot einde. Ek het ook my bestuurslisensie met my eerste probeerslag geslaag, weereens is dit ook te danke aan goeie opleiding. Ek wil hiermee net sê baie baie dankie vir alles wat ons kon deel in die lesse wat ek gehad het, ook vir dit wat ek alles kon leer en sodoende onafhanklikheid kry. Sonder al die hulp en ondersteuning sou ek seker nou nog te bang gewees het om dit te doen. Ek hoop ook dat daar sommer nog baie mense sal wees wat hierdie selfde goeie ondervinding sal kan hê. Baie dankie!



She is very sensible and conscientious. I admire her for her attitude and also for her thriftiness, which is essential. After all, why should two people pay to go in the same direction each day when they can share the trip? I am thrilled at her independence!

From: Zeruja Badenhorst
Sent: 11 November 2014 07:52 AM
To: Pat Allen
Subject: Re:


Dit gaan baie goed met die bestuur, ek ry op naweke alleen werk toe maar in die week nog saam met my pa, dit spaar n bietjie brandstof, ek bestuur amper altyd… en ek geniet dit baie! Weereens baie dankie.



After waiting to book a test appointment for a very nice young man at Centurion testing center for 6 long hours, even leaving my student and doing a 10:30 to 12:30 lesson while he stood in the barely-moving queue, and driving backwards and forwards from Lynnwood to Centurion repeatedly in one day, I received this unexpectedly encouraging email from his employer:

From: Susan Sander
Sent: 27 October 2014 08:47 AM
To: Pat Allen
Subject: Re: Quenn’s remaining driving lessons

Good morning Pat,

I was unavailable that day as I was in Cape Town for the week for a summit and switched my phone off during that time. I am so sorry for all your trouble driving to the one side of town and back several times!!!), I do understand the frustration. But I also appreciate you VERY much!! Quenn has really started to blossom here at work too and that makes this a good thing.

I can imagine that you rarely see the return on your investments for all the time and effort and ‘personal’ coaching you have to do. BUT just seeing the way you worked with Quenn I am convinced that there are countless stories of how you changed the game plan for many people. May you one day be granted the opportunity to look back at this and see it for what it really is, and may you be blessed!

I will recommend you whenever I have the opportunity!

Best Regards

Susan Sander  |


From: Martie Van

Sent: 15 September 2014 08:04 AM
To: Patricia Anne .Allen

Hi Pat

Attached please find Christiaan’s test sheet as requested.  Sorry it took so long.

Thank you for your patience and thoroughness while teaching Chris to drive.  He enjoyed the experience and thanks to you, he is now an enthusiastic yet responsible driver.

We will definitely make use of your services again to teach our other son to drive.



18 August 2014

Thanks to Pat I passed my license first time!! It would not have been possible without her excellent driving lessons. Pat is really patient and works with you on your level. She doesn’t force you to do something you are not comfortable with but she does encourage you to do a bit more every lesson. She is really kind and has been a blessing to me, not only does she give great driving lessons but she also gives great life lessons. I am so thankful and glad that I found Pat online and approached her for driving lessons.

Kind regards



2014-02-18 17.10.28 Justine Minnie - Pupils

Justine Minnie passed her driving licence on 18th February 2014. I am not sure which of us was more excited – Justine, her dad, Frik or me! Well done Justine! You worked so hard for this!


So often we are all so busy that we forget to express a word of appreciation.

For driving instructors working with clients, lesson after lesson, it can be tiring and a difficult job at times. There are some lovely young people out there who prove that they have wonderful kind characters. Young people are lovely!

Mikhail Swart Centurion-20140214-01142

Hey Tannie Baie Dankie vir die baie tyd wat Tannie spandeer het om my gereed te maak vr dt!!!!, Baie Dankie dat Tannie net so aangename en gelukkige mens is!!!!Baie dankie vr die kos by Wimpy ek het dt baie geniet en ek waardeur rerig net alles wat Tannie vr my gedoen het!!!! Will vinnig weer van Tannie Hoor!!!

Something sent like this makes ALL the difference!

Pat you are very much a blessing to all the young and older people whom you take under your wing and train so thoroughly for a safer life on our dangerous roads; without caring people like yourself – people’s lives would be more than a little chaotic.

Wasn’t that just lovely? I really appreciated it! – Sent on 14th January 2014 from a mother of a client.

Here is another much appreciated compliment sent on Thu 2013/08/01 08:37 AM . They are quite shy private people, and asked me to withhold their personal particulars too.

Their son had failed his first attempt after suffering a cycle crash.

Beste Pat,

DANKIE vir jou uitstekende proffesionele diens met Januarie se klasse vir ons seun!

Hy het verlede week sy bestuurslisensie gekry!

Die sukses met die tweede probeerslag, na ses maande, was ‘n kombinsie  van meer gereelde bestuursondervinding plus die noukeurige  instudeer van jou inligting.
Daarom was hy meer ontspanne & gefokus met die bestuurstoets.

Ons kontak jou wanneer ons die meer gevorderde program kan volg.

Nogmaals dankie vir jou professionele diens, soos jou terugvoer met jou aanmoediging om aanhoudend persoonlike bestuursvaardighede te verbeter..

Vriendelike groete,