Online Learner’s Licence Training:

Do you need a legal South African learner’s licence?

  1. Passing (not buying!) a valid learner’s licence can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
  2. Professional Driving Academy offers fully-comprehensive animated Power Point online training classes for group or individual learners’ licences in all codes.
  3. These courses have been designed since 2001, constantly refining them, improving them by making them even more comprehensive to ensure excellence of training and to meet the need on various sectors of society including driving instructors, special needs applicants and advanced driver training.


For the Road Transport Industry in general:

  1. The fully comprehensive law from the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, as appropriate, is available online for Companies for fleet driver training, Traffic Training Colleges, Police drivers, Security Companies, in fact, anyone working in the Road Transport Industry will benefit by studying the actual law in Power Point format suitable for group or individual classes.
  2. Lessons are offered in both English and Afrikaans.
  3. Classes are suitable for applicants of all ages over 17, literate and illiterate. This is your chance even if you have struggled to pass your learner’s licence before!

Special needs applicants can learn online too:

  1. Oral tests are available for applicants who can produce the required documentation.
  2. Specially prepared courses are perfect for group classes of schools specializing in applicants with special needs.
  3. Dyslexic applicants, illiterate and special needs applicants in the upper functioning level, can also learn easily this way because pictures teach without words in special programmes created to give as many competent people as possible the opportunity to drive.
  4. If somebody does not really understand something, we will design a slide together, animating it to explain better, where necessary, until it is very clear and easily understood.
  5. Several autistic students and cerebral palsy applicants, with their medical advisor’s approval, have already successfully passed their learner’s licences after this training by taking regular online lessons over a period of time. They now drive safely and have the chance of employment. Slow and steady.
  6. Deaf or hearing impaired applicants can study their learner’s licence training material using this opportunity. Try one two-hour session to test it for yourself.
  7. Mock tests are arranged at the end of courses to test if applicants are ready for the written or computerized tests.
  8. Online training is offered to applicants right across South Africa.

Contact Pat Allen on 082 683 9292 or e-mail to make enquiries for very reasonable rates.

Wi-fi will be necessary.

Payment is in advance according to your and my availability to suit your budget.